About Us

Ltd. Steel Pro has been created as a result of the reorganization of three mutually related companies. The best available industry experience, skills and competencies are combined into a new company today.

We are a fast growing, trendy, energetic and dynamic company that offers a diverse range of products and services.

Ltd. Steel Pro is a 100% local capital metal processing company that designs, manufactures and installs equipment  for the transfer, drying and storage of various loose materials, as well as metal constructions.

Ltd. Steel Pro is a compact, but technical, knowledgeable and persuasive team capable of implementing highly complex projects in the energy sector with the consequent support for future operation.

The team of skilled engineers and technologist designs and develops the products, according to customers drawings prepares the documents and equipment for high-volume manufacturing of products, constantly improves the operating process. At the customers request, we carry out the services of details copying and finishing of new units. When designing the products we use Solidworks software.

There are 20 workers in the company.

Ltd. Steel Pro manufacturing facility is placed in 25 minute drive distance from the capital of Latvia (Rīga)


Ltd. Steel Pro invests in all its industrial facilities to offer the highest quality subcontracting services to its clients

Certified Experience

Management staff has experience in acquiring European funding, managing quality systems, managing an international manufacturing company, etc.

Ltd Steel Pro is certified in  EN 1090.

In order to strengthen its position in export markets, Ltd Steel Pro in 2019  is planned to introduce a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000 standard.

Constant monitoring

Ltd. Steel Pro professionals monitor every stage of manufacturing,so that it can react quickly to any situation liable to delay delivery.

Ltd. Steel Pro preventive maintenance procedures optimizes manufacturing processes and avoids delays. Quality control ensures final product that always meet your expectations.


Ltd. Steel Pro strives for excellence. The main challenge and motivation of our engineers is to create more optimal solutions to machine system in the area we work for.

An experienced team

The quality of our work depends on our personnel’s skill. Our team has the experience and ability to get the most out of our equipment. Steel Pro team is ready for most difficult manufacturing challenges.